>>>>>>> UP COMING EVENTS DETAILS:- Abuja programme: Date 31st May, 2022 Venue:_G-Consulting International Services Ltd Plot 1027, Abiding Grace Plaza, After Apo Legislative Quarters, Apo – Gudu; Abdulsalam Abubakar, Abdul One Close, Off Abdulsalami Abubakar Way Gudu District, Abuja FCT. Time : 10am
Lagos Programme:- Date:_ 21sth May, 2022; Venue: HMV Place, 9A, Wing 1, Abiodum Fasakin Crescent, Behind Old LASU building, Anthony Village, Lagos. Time:_ 10am
******* Port Harcourt Programme:- Date:_ 28th May, 2022; Venue:_ C-tech Integrated Services, Goshen Plaza, Number 249, Abuloma Road, Port Harcourt; Time:_ 10am


To provide cutting-edge professional farming


TOPAN aims to reduce hunger and malnutrition, contribute to abatement efforts to reduce greenhouse gases contributing

Our Team

To ensure effective management of project resources and effective delivery of services within

Who we are

TOPAN ( Tomatoes and Orchard Producers Association of Nigeria) aims to reduce hunger and malnutrition, contribute to abatement efforts to reduce greenhouse gases contributing to global warming, promote sustainable livelihood, and enhance Tomatoes and Orchard farming (food security/ food production) through advocacy, research, training and capacity development, and partnership with farmers and stakeholders in Nigeria.

TOPAN, was birthed as a result of the training organized by Federal Ministry of Agriculture Gender and Youth Department (Under Youth Employment Agriculture Program YEAP) for youth...read more

What we do

Project Management and Implementation: Monitoring and evaluation for projects and programmes and, using advanced project management strategies to highlight areas that will contribute to the achievement of project objectives.

Training, Capacity Building, and Workshops: Training of new and existing farmers on new Tomatoes and Orchard farming Technology; TOPAN undertakes farmer based participatory training needs assessments for capacity building; develops and prepares tailor-made training modules and capacity building programmes; and delivers short and/or long-term ...read more

Youth, Tomatoes and Orchard in Nigeria

Half of the world’s population is made up of young people, 90% of whom live in developing countries. Young people tend to be interconnected and innovative, open-minded and mobile. Young people are creative in problem-solving and finding solutions.

At the same time, skilled young people who have developed entrepreneurial skills, self-esteem and confidence by managing their own projects will help the economy of their countries thriveread more

Tomato Millionaires In The Making

How These 4 Smart Entrepreneurs Are Making Money from Africa’s Tomato Problems.
Africa has a serious tomato problem.

Tomatoes are Africa’s most consumed fruit (or vegetable); eaten by millions of people across our continent’s diverse religious, ethnic and social groups…read more


  1. Close consultation with the Federal/State ministry of Agriculture for training and project partnership.
  2. Close consultation with the Horticulture farmers and marketers for harmonization, partnership, and support.
  3. Close consultation with the community on Nutritional Values of Horticulture farm produce; educational campaigns using IEC materials
  4. Conduct training: Deployment of Training modules
  5. Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting of programmes


Our principal corporate values are:

  1. Professionalism without compromise and delivery of highest quality service.
  2. High integrity and accountability.
  3. Innovation and creativity particularly through farming-based solutions to farmers.
  4. Value adding in every engagement we undertake.
  5. Provision of sustainable and profitable solutions to community at policy levels.
  6. Ensure Quality Assurance in Service Delivery

We celebrate sustainable farming systems and increased farm productivity as an outcome of a concerted development effort.