TOPAN, was birthed as a result of the training organized by Federal Ministry of Agriculture Gender and Youth Department (Under Youth Employment Agriculture Program YEAP) for youth with a passion for Agriculture, has developed a network of farmers within states in Nigeria, and it is constituted to play the following roles;

  1. Sustain and improve the profitability and competitiveness of tomato and orchard production
  2. Farming technology training for farmers to optimise inputs, improve quality and yields, and reduce waste,
  3. Creating enabling market (Sale of Products) for Tomatoes and Orchard farmers,
  4. Monitoring, Evaluation and impact Assessment;
  5. Farmer training management, Environmental Management services (adoption of environmentally sensitive and sustainable farming systems); Heath and Financial education, Business Management and Development Advisory services.
  6. Meet statutory and customer nutrients expectation

TOPAN is committed to providing members and clients with services. We assist the farmers with improved technology for Tomatoes and Orchard farming and provide thorough analytics that are measurable for making strategic training decisions.

TOPAN also undertakes farmers, community, staff and institutional training on best practices and contemporary issues in Tomatoes and Orchard farming; gender empowerment, results-based management, monitoring and evaluation, resources management for enhanced accountability and sustainability of impacts.

TOPAN is legally registered with Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria and affiliated with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and All Farmers Association of Nigeria. We are also in partnership with Fresh and Young Brains Development Initiative Youth Farm (Y-Farm) Project, and currently engaged with Winrock International. We are working partnership with retail stores, hotels and learning institutions in delivering essential nutritious services.

TOPAN advocates for long term sustainability built on continuous capacity building in the communities. We envisage Tomatoes and Orchard production as a means of alleviating the extreme poverty and improving food security by strengthening employment opportunities and increasing farming knowledge, thereby improving the quality of life, making farming more rewarding and life in agricultural areas more attractive.

Target Group: Small Scale Tomatoes and Orchard Farmers/ smallholder farmers, rural farmers, youth and women (15-35) in Agriculture, Cooperatives and Farmer Groups, Logistics Providers, Agricultural Processors, Stakeholders (Policy and Decision Makers, Marketers, Hotels, Supermarkets, Households, etc

To provide cutting-edge professional farming techniques and services to improve Health and Horticulture farming in Nigeria

TOPAN aims to reduce hunger and malnutrition, contribute to abatement efforts to reduce greenhouse gases contributing to global warming, promote sustainable livelihood, and enhance Tomatoes and Orchard farming (Health/food security/ food production) through advocacy, research, training and capacity development, and partnership with farmers and stakeholders in Nigeria.

TOPAN main goal aims to increase food security, access to safe, nutritious and enough Tomatoes and Orchard which contributes to the United Nations Millennium Development Goal #1 to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger and ensure environmental sustainability. Our objectives are;

  1. Ensure Tomatoes and Orchard production is stable and sustainable, does minimal harm to the environment, and can cope with climate change.
  2. Improve the nutrition benefits of consumers
  3. Provide enabling technologies to support optimal farming practices; Improve access to training and capacity development
  4. Facilitate market opportunities and increased product availability
  5. Improve access to resources (land grants, finance, technology)
  6. Improve the image of agriculture amongst women and young people
  7. Facilitating networking among farmers; encourage collaboration of farmers